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Young Riders Are Liking Metro Bikes


Did you know that International Ride to Work Day took place last month. This special day is intended to celebrate the joy of motorcycling and to raise awareness for safer riding. Here at Georgia Brain Injury Lawyers Blog, we are all for that!  The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration points out that in 2015 there were nearly 5,000 fatal accidents involving motorcyclists. All bike enthusiasts want to do all we can do lower that number. Unfortunately, this represents an 8-percent increase from the prior year. Another tough statistic is that fatalities involving motorcycles are more likely to happen than fatalities involving passenger vehicles.

The difference between life and death can be something very controllable, like speed on a curve, or keeping your eyes up on an intersection turn or wearing a protective helmet. Helmets are so important to safe riding. We cannot stress this enough. It should be a top priority for all riders who want to ride safely. And of course, riding sober is right up there too as a key for safe riding.

One trend for the bike industry is very positive. That trend has become more and more evident: bikes are the ride of choice for some in the younger generation. With older riders slowing down both in their lives and in their buying of new motorcycles, the trend for younger riders is welcome by all. Young riders who were disinterested in bikes in previous years, are picking up the many new offerings especially created for new riders from Honda, Harley and other manufacturers. Younger riders, millennials in fact, are being pulled in by bikes that are meant just for them. If this new rider generation sticks, it will be very good news for the bike makers.

This is a very big deal. Virtually every bike maker is creating a “first time” bike for the younger market. Smart move, because giving riders what they want is a good way to bring them in to buy. And buying they are, but the market is still slowing. After sales topped out in 2006 before the downturn, the recession was very damaging to the industry. Although bikes are an economical way to get to work, sales have not recovered since the height in 2006. Sales are still only about half of what they were at that time.

The new bikes are being shown in cool venues such as big music events like Coachella. Hoping to snag the younger riders iconic Harley-Davidson has come out with Street 500. This new bike is priced for the younger market. One of the innovative smart marketing ploys are the Harley riding academies so helpful and important for new riders. Combining this with the fresh bike is a good thing. Ducati is also in on this market with the Scrambler. The more city-worthy bikes are likely to hold the industry in good stead while the boomers slow down on their big bikes.

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