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Southern Biker’s Crash Survival Teaches Life Lesson

Motorcycle rideA biking story of tragedy and survival at the Tennessee — North Carolina border is truly remarkable.  The lessons learned in this motorcycle accident are also important for all of us to remember. Who wouldn’t want to get out on an autumn ride on a great stretch of road with a pal? That is one of the most wonderful ways to ride. So it was as two friends rode together earlier this month on a curvy stretch of road called “The Dragon.” But sadly, things spun out of control. One the riders had to brake and his bike was hit by the other. They both went over an embankment and one of them was killed. The friend who survived was in deep trouble. Landing 150 feet below the road, the rider was still able to record his circumstances. He could hear bikes passing by, but was so severely injured, he could not move. His lungs were hurt, his bones were hurt, in short he was very seriously injured after his bike crashed.

He tried, but could not call out on his phone. He was able to record his terrible circumstances. Down a hill and very badly hurt. After a full day and night somehow someone heard him calling for help. He was so far down the hill with traffic passing above, that Tennessee authorities were stunned that anyone heard his calls. As rescuers located him and began to work on the difficult recovery, he asked what had happened to his pal. It is difficult to think about this tragic motorcycle crash and the friendship that was lost.

He is expected to survive. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition with many broken ribs, punctured lungs and spinal fractures. His message to all — love your family and tell them you love them. That was his take-away from his tragic day on a great stretch of road.

Scholle Law sends our best wishes for a speedy recovery to the rider and his family. They are all so grateful for his safety, as they also mourn the loss of his friend. We represent the biking community and bikers that have been hurt while riding. We also represent the families of those who have lost their lives while riding due to the negligence of others. We are here to help you and your family deal with the consequences of motorcycle crashes. We are proud of our work on behalf of Georgia riders and their loved ones. Please contact us at any time for help.