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Prep for Riding Across Atlanta or Georgia or America!

iStock_000001912776XSmall-300x207There has been a resurgence of bicycle riding in American cities for several years now. Bike lanes and share the road efforts have been underway literally in every state in our nation. The renown National Geographic magazine has been documenting some pretty amazing cycling in the past few years. In an article a couple of years ago, one writer asked, “Are Bikes the New Tour Bus?” The writer advocated that riding a bike is the best way to see a city. City riding is not the only cycling that has been on the rise in recent years. Longer cycling adventures, not just city riding or day rides, are also a big part of cycling in America.

One adventurous rider and writer for the NatGeo, decided to traverse our big country on the 40th anniversary of what is called the TransAmerica bike trail. As in the days of the first railroad, this trail crosses our big nation and was the great project of the Adventure Cycling Association several decades ago. This thriving nonprofit organization is on a mission to provide information and support to those wanting to ride just about anywhere in the United States. Not only do they provide maps and routes, they have guided tours that cyclists can join for a great riding experience.

If you are considering a long or a shorter ride, lots of information is available these days to make your ride more comfortable and safe. Bike riding on a long ride requires planning, but rest assured there are many others out there who have gathered lots of information for avid cyclists to review before getting out on a major ride.

There are many options these days for bike riders who have decided to venture out on a longer ride across states. Riders can use airbnb for rooms and good places to shower. There are even some options to stay with other cycling enthusiasts who are willing to open their homes to cycling travelers. is just one example of a community dedicated to providing places to stay for cyclists.

Maps and routes can be found at the Adventure Cycling Organization, mentioned earlier. One of the best things about these routes and maps is that they have been traversed by many riders before you. You can get your hands on either print or digital formats for ease of use on your ride.

Those who have done big rides before say it is really important to plan, but equally important to be flexible. A major bike ride can be the joy of a lifetime and planning and preparation are important to that. As with all travel, things can happen that are not expected, so those in the know remind cyclists to go with the flow and embrace the unexpected as part of the experience. If you need a repair or a part, or if you left something back home, dealing with those experiences can be a quirky and yet positive part of the journey.

Scholle Law is proud to support the cycling and biking community in Atlanta and across Georgia. Please ride safely, plan your rides and if you need guidance check on-line at the resources mentioned in our post. In the unfortunate event of an accident or injury of any kind and you have a need for legal guidance, we are here to answer questions and to advise you on your legal rights. We are experienced with the issues involved in cycling and biking injury matters and can help you and your family sort through the challenges presented after an accident. Please feel free to contact us at any time for a consultation at no charge to you.