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Possibly defective brakes result in massive Harley-Davidson recall

hoggy.pngMotorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson Inc. is voluntarily recalling several of its touring motorcycles, trikes and other models from its Custom Vehicle Operations line with model years 2009 through 2012, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The basis for the recall is potentially damaged rear brake-light switches that may have been caused by heat from the bikes’ exhaust systems. The recall encompasses 250,757 models constructed from June 6, 2008 through Sept. 16, 2011. The company reported one crash that could possibly be attributed to the flaw.

Based on reports from the motorcycle manufacturing giant, the excessive heat could cause a switch responsible for activating brake lights to fail, or conversely, activating it when the brake has not been applied. The hitch could also result in brake fluid leakage at the switch possibly keeping the rear brake from functioning correctly. Any of one these defects could result in a crash.

A motorcycle’s rear brake is generally operated by a foot pedal while a hand lever controls the front brake, which should be applied simultaneously. The front brake works most to slow the bike; however, losing the rear brake’s functionality is a serious issue.

Harley-Davidson dealers stated they will replace the rear brake light switch at no cost. The recall is expected to begin around October 31.Owners may contact Harley-Davidson at 414-343-4056. To find a dealership in the Metro Atlanta area, consult the Harley-Davidson company web site.

A complete list of the potentially effected models can be found here: Harley List.pdf