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A Cell Phone, a Red Light and the End of a Biker’s Life

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for iStock_000003222033XSmall.jpgThe danger of intersections for bikers was brought home again this week as a Paulding County man was killed on his bike. The 55-year-old beloved grandfather was on his way to a bike rally. His life was cut short when another vehicle failed to stop at a red light and attempted a left turn through an intersection which the biker was entering at the time. Other bikers ran to help the victim, but tragically he had been struck and was dragged quite a distance after he was hit. He ended up under the vehicle. His wife was one of the other bikers traveling with the victim. It is possible that the driver of the vehicle that allegedly struck the biker may have been talking on her cell phone at the time of the crash. Reports indicated that other drivers stopped at the intersection, while she continued to drive through it and some witnesses report seeing her on her phone. This is not confirmed.

The driver has now been charged in the biker’s death. Charges against the driver include those found in Official Code of Georgia Annotated section 40-6-393 for homicide by vehicle, as well as failing to stop at a red light. The biker’s happy trip to the Georgia State HOG Rally was cut short so tragically and needlessly.

Like many other couples in mid-life, the deceased dad and grandpa and his wife came to riding later in their lives. He starting to ride a few years ago and his wife said after he took to the road, he began to teach her about riding as well. They had been on many wonderful adventures together, including a ride that was a great distance and a famous winding road in South Carolina.

The dangers to bikers as they travel into and through intersections is well-documented. Atlanta’s most dangerous intersections for motorcyclists have been known for some time. There are times in which there is no way to predict or protect yourself as you enter an intersection. In this tragic motorcycle crash, the biker had no way to protect himself against the running of a red light.

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