Long Term Impacts of Mild Trauma

Most Americans are becoming more aware of the impacts of more severe TBI.  These injuries have been well publicized in recent years.  More data has been revealed in research involving football players, for example.  The long term affects to the brain after multiple concussions has led to new protocols for NFL players and school kids on the field of play for impact sports, including soccer.

Most recently, researchers at UCSF have studied the long term impact of just one concussion and the risks associated with that.  This research looked at many types of traumatic brain injuries, even those that were not revealed on a CT scan or an MRI.  The research has revealed that long term there is a greater risk of both dementia and Parkinson’s disease in these patients.  This can take many years to reveal itself.  Since the initial injury or mild concussion may have been much earlier in life, it may not be in a patient’s history.  The history can also be missing information when a concussion occurred earlier in a patient’s life and the patient does not recall this.  The initial findings reveal that this may be due to greater inflammation in the brain and/or other causes.

In our next article, Scholle Law will share with readers what researchers are doing to discover how to better diagnose these injuries and what they might mean for those injured in a car, truck or other accident.  Consulting with our lawyers after an accident can help to ensure that you are compensated for not just the short term, but the long term issues that head injuries can present.  We are very knowledgeable about the head injury research that continues to develop.  Scholle Law will not charge you for a consultation and if we take on your representation after an accident, we do not get paid until you do.