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Motorcycle Legends Honored

Motorcycle rider on fall roadway.jpgThe AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame inducted seven new members this past month in Las Vegas. The 2012 inductees are all world class riders with famed histories. The event was hosted by Perry King, actor and motorcyclist. As an Atlanta motorcycle injury lawyer, I wanted to bring you all news about the inductees.

First, the list: Rod Bush, who is no longer with us, but was the KTM North America president and a true visionary within the industry; championship roadracing tuner Nobby Clark; off-road champion Ty Davis; AMA Supercross Champion Jimmy Ellis; renown motocrosser Sue Fish; famed restorer Brian Slark; and the late Al Wilcox, the famed race starter.

At a dinner before the ceremony that was sponsored by Kawasaki Motors Corporation, diners enjoyed good conversation and great food. Sharing memories and stories about the inductees and the best of the best in the biking world.

The inductees enjoyed the usual honors of videos about their careers and highlights of their careers. The ceremony included not only the 2012 inductees, but shout outs to the fine and legendary careers of Hall of Famers, including filmmaker Bruce Brown, director of the 1970 film “On Any Sunday.”

Those in Las Vegas for the ceremonies were also able to visit the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Dave Mungenast Memorial Concours d’Elegance bike exhibit. This amazing show gives attendees a chance to see some of the finest restored bikes and famed motorcycles.

” ‘We’re a community that embraces the past, honors the men and women who have brought us to the present, and races ahead to an exciting future — largely unknown to us now — and we do it all with a zest for life that is second to none,’ ” Mr. King noted.

What a great way to honor and celebrate the joy of the ride.

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