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Motorcycle Injuries Compel Recall

moto5We like to keep our riders apprised of bike recalls both for bikes they might own or that riders they know might own. We urge all riders to pay attention to recall notifications. Sometimes owners ignore recalls. They assume the recall might not apply to their bike. But when a recall is issued, owners should contact their dealer, manufacturer or the federal consumer authorities at Sometimes recalls can protect against Georgia motorcycle injury. One recent recall occurred because two riders were injured while riding a competition motorcycle. A recall has been issued for the Husqvarna TC and FC and KTM SX and SX-F motocross competition motorcycles. These motorcycles are identifiable by their colors, logos and the model name and engines identifications. The company has recalled these bikes due to reports provided to them of wheel spoke failure. These reports were of specific injuries that had been sustained by the riders. In one case the rider broke his shoulder and in another accident, the rider broke ribs.

Another important recall comes from Honda. The manufacturer has recalled its 2014 NSS300 and NSS300A Forza scooters. The problem with these scooters is a rear braking issue.  In bikes with this issue, there is potential for a brake line leak. The cause of this is a faulty connection which can be corrected. The potential for injury and crash is serious. If the brake pressure in the rear brake line is not correct, the scooter may not brake properly or at all. If you believe you have an affected scooter, contact Honda. The company is contacting owners, but if you have moved or changed addresses, you need to be proactive. Dealers are ready to make the necessary corrections to tighten the line to avoid leakage. If you have one of these scooters, you can use the identifier JY3 and call Honda customer service at 1-800-999-1009.

Another important recall relates to helmets. GMAX Helmet LLC has issued a recall of specific helmets that were made between 2012 and 2014. These are full-face helmets. The problem with these is serious. They might not properly protect the rider as intended when a motorcycle crash occurs. The helmet does not meet federal safety standards. If you have one of these helmets, do not use it. Take it to your dealer and negotiate a different purchase or trade. If the dealer cannot take the helmet back at this point in the process, contact GMAX to ask about what they can provide in the interim. If you can secure a new helmet and wait for the correction, that would also be a good course of action. The manufacturer is working on a correction and has not yet begun notifying owners of how this will be handled.

If you are concerned about recalls, the best way to keep track of them is by searching the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration site called  This site includes major safety recalls of anything related to bikes and biking.

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