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Some Great Rides (and Reads) on Motorcycle Blogs

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for iStock_000003222033XSmall.jpgThere are lists and then there are lists that matter. For web-saavy riders, the best of the best in motorcycle blogs would seem to be a matter of focus and content. In fact, the best is a bit tricky to discern because there are many great blogs out there. Although there are several lists of the best bike blogs, looking at the blogs themselves, there is something for everyone and that makes “the best” a moving target. As a Gwinnett County motorcycle injury lawyer, I like to check in with many of these because their content is so diverse and interesting. Here are some interesting top blogs and a bit about their content.

From Phoenix Valley Atlas Rider focuses on motorcycle touring. Motorcycle travel has become more and more popular. Many retired folks are taking to their Harley bikes and getting on the open road. This is a great resource for those who want to travel the open road.

Bikes in the Fast Lane provides interesting news stories in the motorcycle world, including some interesting historical facts. If you are interested in the latest gadgets, you might just find them here. And then there is Knucklebuster which delves into the world of motorcycle customization. You can read the blog and peruse some cool in-progress photos and either weep or get your tools out. Although the blogger isn’t posting as often as he used to, the updates are fun and show a lot of detail about his progress on his latest work.

And now for those women out there who adore their bikes as much as the guys, Rippin Kitten is the place for you (and for the guys too). This blogger gives readers the latest on culture and events … a good place to go for some biking goings-on.

Bike EXIF is a top ranking blog and a great resource for custom bikes. Not only are the photos great, the info is as well and it is updated regularly. If you are looking for lots of content that covers a big space in the biking world, The Kneeslider is a good place for you to be visiting on a regular basis. It is well-written and doesn’t skim the surface. The blogger is not afraid to voice an opinion either.

If you like fine writing and are inspired by the grand beauties of the past, check out The Vintagent. The blogger is not only an expert on the valuation of vintage bikes, he has definitely honed his writing chops and it is a great great read. He also writes the online magazine “Oily Rag” which is “dedicated to the unrestored, and more importantly, the original which needs no improvement” … you can check out stories about vintage bikes and auctions as well as stories about machines of old … like the snow crawlers from Yellowstone. Great photos as well.

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