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Key Factors in Healing from Concussion After an Injury Accident


Key Factors in Healing from Concussion

If you spend any time in medical or hospital settings, you might see patients working to recover from brain injuries, including concussion. As brain injury lawyers with great experience with those injured in car or truck accidents, we see these injuries often and help those who have sustained them.  These accidents can cause the sorts of injuries that may take many weeks, months or even years to overcome. Most individuals are able to recover after a concussion caused by a vehicle crash. The period of time it takes to heal depends on many specific circumstances. These can include such factors as the severity of the concussion, the state of health of the injured person prior to the concussion and age. One of the key factors in healing is one that patients have some control over, that is taking the steps necessary to heal properly and hopefully more quickly.

Concussion Injury Victims Need Rest

The first thing that concussion victims might want to consider is that healing takes time. Rushing the process can worsen the symptoms of concussion and can result in a longer healing time. One of the most important things a concussion victim can do is to rest. This is very significant because the brain can only heal with time and rest. Taking the time to reduce stress, relax and to have time to recover are vital.

Concussion Victims Need Safety While Healing 

While patients are healing from concussion, it is important to avoid any situations that might increase the chances of another head injury. For example, getting some occupational therapy to make sure that the home is set up to avoid injury is key to safety. Also getting physical therapy to ensure that the patient is aware of balance issues and is strong enough to maintain a solid footing is important. Because concussion can result in dizziness and/or nausea that can last for quite a while, physical therapy can help the injured victim maneuver walkways, sidewalks, stepping off a curb or walking stairs.

Having another bump on the head when a patient is recovering can increase the severity of the injury. The effects of concussion are cumulative, the more concussions one has, the more likely it is there will be long term impacts. After a patient begins to feel better, he or she might do more than is safe to do. Returning to normal activities should be taken slowly with a medical and therapy professional. This helps to avoid another injury in the event the patient isn’t ready to do certain activities. Often patients will become overly confident and restart before it is wise to do so. Engaging in sporting activities for example after a car accident concussion must be evaluated by a professional to make sure it is not premature. When patients work hard to regain their normal activities, but return too quickly, they can become depressed and discouraged. Having the right professionals in the healing process is important for the long term health of the patient.

At Scholle Law we know all to well that car accidents, truck accidents and other vehicle crashes can result in serious injury, including concussion. There is nothing more gratifying to us as Duluth brain injury lawyers to help our clients recover from these injuries, while working to secure financial recovery for them.

We work very hard every day for each and every client, in each and every case to bring them back to the life they led before the accident that injured them, as far as possible. We work with families to help them support their injured loved one while we take the burden of working through the legal process off their shoulders. Please contact Scholle Law at any time for a free consultation. We will evaluate your situation and let you know your legal rights.