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Jason Britton: Master Freestyle Sportbike Rider

Stunt Man sounds too stale for what Jason does with a motorcycle.

I had a brief nine minute conversation with Jason Britton recently and what I found was amazing. He is a professional stunt man, adenaline junkie, husband and father. Jason is more like you and me than I would have ever imagined before we talked. He was so pleasant and friendly that it’s no wonder he has such a huge fan base. As Jason was traveling in his car when we had our conversation, that prevented me from getting this interview on video. The audio is well worth your time if you are a fan of freestyle sportbike riding.

Jason and Team No Limits will take to their bikes and show us trickery with motorcycles. What used to be street hooliganism has turned into a sponsor backed professional sport. Jason’s preferred tool of choice is the Kawasaki ZX6R. I, honestly, thought he would go for the big brother ZX10 because of the torque, but it occurred to me, while watching some of his You Tube videos, with the plethora of accessories available in the aftermarket that simple sprocket changes would allow him to swap torque and power for gearing and less weight.

Since they (Team No Limts) spend most of their time on one wheel, two thoughts ran across my mind: 1) These guys have more in common with trials riders than most people think. 2) Why is this not an X Games sport? Just something to ponder while you are watching them perform this weekend at Road Atlanta for the Big Kahuna Nationals.

I’m posting the audio and when the owner of the video I would like to use contacts me with permission I will overlay the audio onto it and update the post as soon as I can. I want to thank you in advance. You readers get to be the test bed as I refine my interview skills.

Britton Interview


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