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Jason and Eric: What We Saw at Road A

It’s crazy really. Two guys taking 600cc Supersport bikes and doing things mere mortals could never repeat.

The endos (also known as a stoppie: Stopping the motorcycle with such force that it lifts the rear wheel off the ground) were amazing. The fact that gravity doesn’t exist with Jason or Eric is truly magic.

They do this one endo trick where they place Monster (sponsors- gotta love them) soda cans on the ground opposite one another at approximately 30 yards apart. They then race toward one another, endo the bikes and twist them around landing their back wheels on the cans crushing them. I know guys that can’t stand at regulation distance (7ft 9 ¼ in) from a dart board and hit a bullseye. These guys are taking 400lbs motorcycles and turning them 180 degrees with the rear wheel in the air and crushing cans. Amazing!

There were so many tricks I can’t even describe them all. They could bunny hop motorcycles like kids do with BMX bicycles. Standing, sitting on tanks, sitting backwards, standing on one side or the other- it didn’t matter the direction of travel. They had incredible balance. I mentioned that you could compare freestyle riders to trials riders. I stand by that description. The difference is- rather than climbing rocks, walls, logs and vertical cliff like trials riders Team No Limits manages all their work on fairly level ground.

They throw in people from the audience and do burn-outs and endos using the volunteers as obstacles. In one trick they set two people up back to back in the center of the stunt area. Then they race like crazy toward them. Jason and Eric endo their bikes right up to the point where the front tires meet between the two volunteers’ legs. Wouldn’t it scare you a bit if two guys came at you around 60mph and then all you saw was the tail of the bike headed toward your head?

There are dozens of tricks that I could barely describe. So, I won’t. I will leave you with pictures to awe over and encourage you to look up Team No Limits or Jason Britton on You Tube. If he or his team every get to a town near you I suggest loading you or the family unit up and going to see them. It’s an incredible show.

All photos are courtesy of Andy Willetts’ daughter: Victoria. While Andy was manning the video Victoria was manning the still shots.

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