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Good as Gold, but Fast?

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Motorcycle riders in the sunset.jpgIf you thought you had seen the most beautiful of bikes every created, you might be wrong unless you attended the recent sale reported by Robert Frank in his piece Road Hog: $1 Million Motorcycle Coming Soon. Mr. Frank reports that a Danish custom motorcycle guru has now sold a very very golden bike to the tune of $850,000. But is there even greater gold ahead? Apparently, this same maker has hinted at a new endeavor that will result in a bike that is likely to be sold at One Million Dollars.

First, the bike that just sold which has been aptly named “Goldfinger,” is quite sparkly with not only gold plated parts, diamonds as well. Tough to miss this one on the afternoon ride. Naturally, a private buyer owns this gorgeous piece of bike history. But the identity of the owner and his or her place of residence is not known and will not be revealed unless spotted out on the open road somewhere. Next up, is another custom work of art that will move into the seven figures. Now, that would be some rich ride.

Back to the golden bike. It would be interesting to know just how fast this bike can travel with all that gold-plating and diamonds aboard. Apparently, the gold bike is not the first of its kind. Another truly remarkable work of bike art was creating using $1.2 million in gold. But this one isn’t flashy — its very understated and with the “luster” that is lacks (unpolished gold) — it is actually a very beautiful and very heavy design (700 pounds) created by Tarhan Telli of TT Custom Choppers in Turkey.

So perhaps if you have some extra cash lying around or happen to find some gold coins under a tree like some folks in California did last year, you just might be the lucky owner one day of a golden bike. Meanwhile, take out your favorite ride and dream about the beautiful road ahead which just might include your very own really extraordinary ride.

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