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Georgia Motorcycle Rides — Long May You Run

Motorcycle rideWe recently came across an interesting piece in Motorcyclist magazine. We think Georgia motorcycle riders would be interested in the “how to ride a motorcycle forever” perspective. Our experience in representing Atlanta bike riders after injury or accident has led us to a keen interest in protecting riders from motorcycle crashes and injuries. Our clients include all age groups, but it stands to reason that the older we get the more challenging physical activity can get. And we all know that physical and mental sharpness is important in safe riding.

Amazingly, the stats show that American riders generally have about four decades behind them. And that means the horizon of both physical and mental challenges might be ahead as we age. The key to the lifelong safe riding and avoiding serious motorcycle injury, is staying mentally and physically fit. Having the wisdom that should ride along with the years can help us make better judgments in tight situations that we all find on the roads, especially these days with rude and distracted drivers. As an experienced rider, the hope is that you have gained sensory and muscle memory from years of riding that can help you anticipate trouble and respond well to it.

In the Motorcyclist’s piece, the author reveals strategies for keeping safe. One of the key suggestions is to ensure that your vision is good and that your eyes are well-protected when you ride. The only way to make sure that your vision is optimal is to get them checked on an annual basis by an optometrist or ophthalmologist. If you have your vision tested regularly and your prescriptions up to date, you can keep yourself better protected while riding.

Experienced riders know that the physical demands of riding can be more challenging as we age. We want to avoid becoming a motorcycle crash statistic. Using techniques such as precision steering and using your body correctly when hanging off in turns requires muscle strength in your body and in your legs. Keep up your physical training and lift some weights to maintain and to build strength. When you think about the fact that some of the greatest football players learned ballet to be better on the field, physical exercise and strengthening your core can help your best ride. Managing your mental reactions is also perhaps improved with aged. Hopefully we are calmer and more precise in our rides as we age.

Just as important as the physical training is continuing your riding training. Training classes can keep you up to date on the best way to handle your ride as you age. There is nothing more important that knowing how to have a smooth ride and avoid “unneeded inputs.” We all need to be reminded of things like keeping our eyes on the road ahead and proper positioning — which are so important for safety. Train, train and train especially when you get a new bike and you will be singing the tune “Long May You Run” for many decades ahead.

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