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G2W: Riding into The Future

Charles Scholle, P.C., cranked up the G2W blog in an effort to address various legal and safety concerns of his riding buddies and clients. The posts address safety issues and share information on Georgia and Atlanta-area accidents, as well as significant personal injury lawsuits. In his work as an Gwinnett County motorcycle injury lawyer, it makes a lot of sense that he would want you all to know about law and safety.

In the recent past, Charles started sprinkling in motorcycle news that he found interesting to share with readers. In order to expand this blog, Charles wanted to find a person with substantial riding experience, knowledge of the motorcycle industry, knowledge of motorcycle insurance and a semblance of writing ability.

And so it begins. My name is Kirk Harrington and Charles has invited me to guest blog on G2W. I am the co-founder of A C E Specialty Insurance Agency and we make our living selling motorcycle insurance in Georgia. My sister Kim runs the day to day business now as I concentrate on new adventures, including this blog. I mention this for the “street cred” because I will not refer to the agency often, but I will likely offer ongoing opinion on motorcycle insurance in Georgia in the future.

In July 2012, I will begin my 30th year of street riding. In those 30 years I have managed to own nearly every style of motorcycle. I’ve owned old Honda CBs to old Rigid Triumphs to newer faster bikes like Kawi ZRXs and I am now into my 1st Dual Sport ride, (2010 KLR). I sold motorcycles from one-off customs to fine Italian sportbikes and ridden them all. At 45 yo, I have had more fun goofing off with the KLR, one lung, than I can remember since learning to ride in 1982.
Here’s what’s in store for the G2W blog: We are going to refresh the site and add content. After the site is freshened up, I will regularly add new content for your enjoyment. Charles will continue to contribute his “take” on law and safety, but my job is to give you updated motorcycle news, post short stories, give you relevant information on motorcycle insurance, and supply you with a calendar of events in Georgia and just over the state lines of our neighboring states. We will keep you updated through Facebook and Twitter (as soon as I learn it-lol), as well. The most exciting part is- I want YOUR input. Soon we will post an email address and I want the readers to send me ride routes, events that are happening that I may miss and eventually photos and short two minute videos of where they are headed or at for the day.

This process will take weeks before the content is rolling at a regular pace, but the end result will be a Georgia rider’s blog that readers can participate in. Our sport/activity/lifestyle cannot be explained by those that fear riding, but we know the enjoyment of being in the wind. BTW- we don’t want to limit this to just two wheels or on-road riding. You three wheelers, hack operators and off-roaders are encouraged to participate and we hope you do. Join us as we take G2W into new territory. Tell us what you like, don’t like, and things you think we might like to add for the future.

Thank you to Charles for the opportunity. Thank you to the current readers for allowing us to be a part of your reading enjoyment and a special thank you to those that take an active participation in future postings.

Charles Scholle is a Gwinnett County motorcycle injury and accident lawyer, providing free consultations on motorcycle accident matters. Please contact our law firm at any time. We have offices in several locations around the Atlanta area, including Buckhead, Decatur and the Perimeter and serve clients throughout Georgia.