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Fulton County Motorcycle Crash Takes a Hero

helmet-on-bicycle-10045610Fulton County has been in mourning this holiday season. NBC Atlanta reports that an off-duty MARTA Department of Police Services officer and former Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets player died recently in a motorcycle crash. A tragic irony in this fatal bike crash is that the crash occurred while he was escorting a funeral procession on his own bike. The cause is not known, but the motorcycle crashed into an SUV and a witness said she began to pray when she saw the officer on the ground. Authorities investigated on the scene and said they do not intend to cite the SUV driver or others involved in the crash. The loss of a dedicated officer is a tragedy regardless of how it occurs. He leaves behind five children. The sadness of this situation is made more poignant with the knowledge that he passed away while doing something for his community.

In contrast to this sad story of a downed Georgia rider and fallen hero, is a heartwarming story of a would-be tragedy averted by an off-duty veteran officer who saved a rider after a motorcycle accident. This past summer a Florida man was riding his motorcycle and on his way home when a car cut him off and he went flying. He hit a bus bench which literally cut off his left leg. A Good Samaritan attempted to stop the profuse bleeding that would have killed the rider.

But the story does not end that way. A guardian angel came on the scene and knew what to do. A part time Sheriff’s Deputy and Vietnam vet was in the area and happened to come upon the man who was now bleeding to death. When he could not stop that with his belt he knew to take his fingers and pinch the artery that was bleeding out. A medical helicopter was able to get the rider to safety. The Deputy saved the rider’s life and was honored in a ceremony in Tamarac, Florida. The rider plans to make the most of his life, get back to walking and sports with a prosthetic leg and to thank the Deputy for saving his life.

Sometimes in life we find ourselves in the right place at the right time. Very few people are likely to have known what to do to save this man’s life given than a tourniquet was not working for either man who attempted to stop the bleeding that way. A serious injury, such as the loss of a leg, puts the body into shock — but the rider says he remembers the officer reassuring him. At the ceremony honoring, the rider was able to thank his guardian angel in person and publicly. Restores one’s faith that something so miraculous could occur.

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