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“Heavy Metal Thunder” on the Rise

Motorcycle4.jpgGeorgia bikers listen up. Heavy metal thunder is music to our ears and it is on the rise. Here’s the latest news about the industry, it’s good.

The rest of the world is catching on to what we already know. Biking is a great way to get around in a recession. As a Gwinnett County motorcycle injury lawyer, I enjoy the passion and adoration my clients have for riding. Now it seems many are joining the ranks of those who love to be out on the open road on a bike or ATV.

Here are the facts. Forbes magazine says that motorcycle and ATV dealers sales rose 16 percent in 12 months in the good ole USA. That is truly an awesome number because most sales are not rising. Even profit-margins are up.

Our American market-leader Harley Davidson Inc. (NYSE: HOG) and iconic Italian Ducati Motor Holding Group S.p.A. are also seeing growth. The big finance and business data compiler Sageworks says that inventories are keeping pace, but not overdoing it.

This is all good news for the industry since Sageworks also reported that many motorcycle manufacturers in fact slowed their production during the recession. The good news for the manufacturers is bad news for some … gas prices are staying on the high-end.

One of the reasons sales were on the rise is higher gas prices and unusually warm temps around the country. Interesting facts were also reported from the Motorcycle Industry Council. Forbes reported the MIC has noted that other areas of bike-related sales are also rising. This includes “[s]pending on maintenance, repair and tires and other parts” which is said to be growing because owners want to give their bikes a long happy life.

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