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FBI Stings Atlanta and Buford Bike Clubs

Thumbnail image for motorcycleriderleg.jpegAfter what was said to be a two-year investigation, last week the FBI raided several local biker clubs for what they allege are drug and fire arms violations. These allegations remain to be prosecuted, so we won’t know the facts until that happens, but the law enforcement operation appears to have been quite extensive. Although my Atlanta motorcycle injury law practice does not include criminal law, these arrests are of interest to the biking community I serve.

Two simultaneous raids were reported to have occurred last week in motorcycle clubs in the southwest Atlanta area as well as in Buford. Several clubs including the Outlaw Motorcycle Club and affiliated clubs the Hoodlums Motorcycle Club, Southern Knights and Black Pistons were charged with a number of crimes in federal court.

The United States Attorneys office for the Northern District of Georgia has issued a press release regarding the raid and the indictments that resulted from this investigation. As reported by the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Atlanta’s United States Attorney, Sally Quillian Yates, issued a statement on the charges and arrests, noting that ” ‘The charges unsealed today allege that these motorcycle club members engaged in substantial drug trafficking and weapons offenses. This case is a big step forward in making sure that these groups don’t threaten the safety of our North Georgia communities.”

Many individuals (23) were arrested in the raids which included bomb making charges. Other arrests included allegations that some members engaged in federal obstruction because they are alleged to have exposed an FBI informant from a local chapter. And other indictments included members from Gainesville, who are charged with cocaine conspiracy and possession, as well as firearms violations.

For those readers unfamiliar with federal law enforcement agencies, the United States Attorneys are the top federal law enforcement officers in their districts, and are responsible for federal criminal prosecutions and civil cases involving the United States Government. They often work closely with other federal and state agencies in the cases they prosecute. The US Attorneys offices throughout the country are managed within the Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys which provides not only support, but oversight for the nearly 100 offices across America. Most major cities in the United States have a United States Attorney. As noted, these individuals manage legal matters, both criminal and civil, within their jurisdictions. These offices are part of the United States Department of Justice.

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