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Falls: Traumatic Brain Injury Leading Causes, Part One


Falls Are the Leading Cause of TBI

Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI is a serious and increasing health issue in America. There are several leading causes of TBI’s, the most common of which is falls. That might get you thinking about how best to protect yourself from this life changing injury. After falls, other top causes of Traumatic Brain Injury include motor vehicle accidents and sports or recreation injuries. These TBI causes can result in various types of brain injuries, which we will discuss in another post. We take a look at each of these causes in separate posts and why and how they most commonly occur.

There are many reasons why people fall. In general, the elderly are most at risk for falling and ending up with the brain injury. According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in three persons over the age of 65 will fall on an annual basis. Although these falls can result in hip fractures or bone breaks, they often result in a traumatic brain injury. In those instances, the individual may need special care due to their age. TBI in the elderly can manifest in such things as agitation and dementia symptoms as well.

Premises Liability and Falls

When a fall is preventable and is the result of the negligence of a property owner, a premises liability lawsuit can be filed against the property owner who has acted negligently and has failed to protect the public from injury on its premises.

There are many examples of slip and falls that have resulted in a variety of injuries and could result in a traumatic brain injury. These falls can occur when something slippery has been left on the floor, as has happened in many cases involving grocery or big box stores. Falling on liquid soap or a drink spilled in the aisle is likely negligent when it could have been cleaned by a passing worker. Falling after sliding on a bunch of grapes or tripping on the sort of mats often seen in grocery stores that are meant to prevent falls is also a premises issue.

Storeowners can have liability for their failure to provide sufficient lighting in their premises. Or they might be held to pay for injuries due to aisles that are so full of merchandise a tripping hazard results. No matter what the circumstances, whether a fall is on a stairway that has poor or non-functioning lighting or a fall results from a tripping hazard due to damaged concrete, these can impact the victim’s brain. Whether a concussion or a hematoma that causes swelling in the brain, there can be significant medical expenses.

The elderly are very vulnerable to falling. And when they do, there might be medical expenses they cannot afford or manage. If a property owner caused the fall by failing to care properly for the premises, a legal case can help restore the elder person to health. The elderly are particularly at risk for having greater recovery time and complications in brain injury, which often require greater medical attention.

Children Can Suffer a TBI from a Fall

Small children who experience a TBI are most likely to suffer this injury from a fall, recreation or a motor vehicle accident. We tend to think of children as very resilient and they are, but child head injuries can also be devastating for a family. According to pediatric experts, more boys than girls are injured this way annually. So for every 100,000 children who suffer a brain injury in a single year, there will be 235 boys and about 130 girls.

If a fall is the result of an improperly maintained store or playground, families may bring a lawsuit on behalf of their minor child against the property owner to get help in taking care of their child and other damages. This help can make all the difference in the child’s future and recovery.

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