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Eco-friendly electric motorcycles roll into Marietta, Georgia

bike_charging.jpgFor those looking to green their two-wheeled machine now is your chance. WOW Motorcycles of Marietta is set to become Georgia’s first electric motorcycle dealer. To celebrate the arrival of Zero Motorcycles, the dealership is holding an open house celebration with a stunt show, prizes, live music, giveaways and free food.

The event, taking place this Saturday, October 15, is also a chance to support the riders participating in the Ride for Haiti Poker Run which departs from the locale at 10 a.m.

“WOW Motorcycles was the first dealership in Georgia to carry our state-of-the-art Zero Motorcycles and we’re thrilled to be a part of this exciting event for the public,” said John Lloyd, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Zero Motorcycles. “There are already a lot of exciting activities at the open house, but every time a traditional motorcycle enthusiast sees and rides one of our bikes, they come away excited. This is the perfect opportunity for that.”

In July, Zero Motorcycles announced the availability of their bikes in brick-and-mortar shops, starting with California, Colorado, Michigan and Minnesota, casting a wider net for potential buyers and giving riders a chance to test drive the bikes. In the past, Zero Motorcycles were available only through internet and phone sales.

“As we continue adding new motorcycles to our product line-up, consumers are looking to experience our products in more of a traditional retail setting that allows for them to touch and feel all of our bikes in one location and at one time,” said John Lloyd, VP of Global Sales, Zero Motorcycles in a press release issued by the company. “It has always been part of our strategic plan to add multi-line dealerships to the mix and the timing is now right for us to move in this direction. Dealers have been requesting we alter our sales model for the past few years so they could begin selling our products and we are now in a position to successfully do this.”

Electricity is a clean, economic and efficient form of energy. Although there is some pollution associated with the production of electricity, a Zero motorcycle produces less than one-eighth of the CO2 pollution per mile at the power plant than a gas powered motorcycle. It will also produce 1/100th of the smog causing nitrous oxides. The bike’s batteries are also recyclable.

Years of man hours went into developing the company’s trademarked Z-Force technology. The chargers are totally automatic and use a charge profile that was specifically designed to optimize charge times. The result: You can leave your battery on the charger for hours, days, even months, and the bike plugs into any standard 110 or 220 volt outlet.

Worldwide, Zero Motorcycles are currently available in Australia, Europe, Mexico, South America and even China. The company plans to phase out the internet portion of its sales unless a buyer presents “special circumstances” and cannot access a dealership.

WOW Motorcycles is located on Cobb Parkway in Marietta. For more information regarding the open house, call 770-424-8804.