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DUI Driver Strikes Athens, Georgia Cyclists

Cyclists on country side roadCyclists know what it feels like to be vulnerable on the road. One of the dangers cyclists understand is the danger from the driver who does not see them or who is too impaired to avoid a bicycle crash. Because cycling has become one of the most favorite outdoor activities across the country, there are more bikes on the road. Cycling enthusiasts are found in so many settings, on mountains, on roads and on city streets; bicycles are all around us. We have become more like other countries around the world in which bicycles are prevalent. Not only are some Americans becoming less dependent on car travel, those riding are people of all ages.

There is always the potential that a cyclist will meet up with an impaired or distracted driver. Tragically, this happened here in Georgia last week. Athens, Georgia was the scene of a tragic bicycle accident that took the life of a 25 year old University of Georgia grad student. Two friends riding with her were injured in this Georgia bicycle accident. Reports indicate that she and the others were struck by a driver who was under the influence of drugs. The driver crossed over into the oncoming lane or traffic in this crash. The cycling community rode in her memory and is mourning the loss of her life.

The impaired or distracted driver is a danger for other drivers, as well as for cyclists and pedestrians. Just last week, a three year old boy was killed simply because his mother ran out of gas on a California highway. She had pulled off on the shoulder of the road with other children and family members in her vehicle. She could not move her car. Essentially the vehicle was a sitting duck for anyone who was impaired or not paying attention. And tragically, circumstances did not favor her. Another driver who is suspected to have been under the influence and not paying attention, rammed into the back of her vehicle. The little boy died as a result of the injuries he sustained on the road. His mother is in critical condition and other family members sustained minor injuries.

That driver will likely spend a very long time in prison for this crash. She has been arrested and charged with several crimes. For the rest of her life, she must live with her decision to drive impaired as she carries the guilt of harming another family in unimaginable ways.

In each of these motor vehicle accidents, an impaired driver caused loss of life.  In both cases, the tragedies that ensued could have been avoided. American roads are becoming more dangerous and we all see this. Serious injuries are now often the result of drivers who are distracted or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We see stories about drivers who are under the influence of heroin or other drugs; they are sharing the road with us and with our families, impaired. It is of great concern to us all.

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