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Young Pastor Mourned After Cycling Accident

candles .jpgA recent tragedy underscores the need for drivers to share the road with bikes and motorcycles. Last week, a young Texas father who started as a music pastor in his hometown church, and later became a worship pastor, was hit and killed while riding his bicycle on U.S. 41. What should have been a wonderful holiday weekend for his family, was instead full of sorrow and sadness. In my work as an Atlanta bicycle accident lawyer, I have represented those injured on motorcycles and bicycles by drivers who did not share the road.

Although we don’t know what happened in this accident, we know the outcome. One young man has lost his life. Our hearts go out to his family and his community.

The young pastor was cycling in the afternoon in good weather. He was near Red Top Mountain when a charter bus hit and killed him. He had ridden on this route many times before as an avid cyclist.

The Bartow County Fire Department is reported by the Atlanta-Journal Constitution to have said that the young man “was wearing a helmet, but he was critically injured.” He was taken to WellStar Kennestone Hospital in Marietta and passed away there.

He was devoted to his wife and his three young children. He and his wife were both involved in music and are loved by their community. His father, also a pastor, said that in the wake of this tragedy, the family was experiencing” ‘intense grief, beyond comprehension.’ ” Their faith is helping them through their grief. The church community is mourning along with this young man’s family.

We don’t yet have much more information on how this accident occurred. Sadly, it serves as a terrible reminder that keeping our eyes on the road and sharing it for all using it, whether motor vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists or motorcyclists, is important for our health and happiness. Too often we read about the consequences of failing to do so, which apparently happened in this tragic cycling accident.

If you are interested in learning more about Share the Road efforts, please visit the Georgia Bikes website. There you find out about the efforts of this organization and join it as well.

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