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Cobb County Motorcyclists, One Lucky, One Not

motorcyclecrash.jpgA motorcyclist was said to be “lucky” after he tried to evade a police chase in Cobb County. As a Cobb County motorcycle injury lawyer, it is good to know that this biker was not injured.

The biker apparently had run a stop sign and was driving “erratically” according to reports. The chase ended in the biker being down and run over by the officer that was chasing him. But the biker did not sustain injuries that were life threatening. It is very fortunate that this biker was not seriously injured in this incident.

Sadly, in another Cobb County motorcycle accident, a biker tragically lost his life when he was riding his 2011 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide and hit a bridge retaining wall. He fell into a creek and died at the scene of the accident. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that the biker was riding on “Cheatham Road between Deer Valley Drive and Old Stilesboro Road, according to Cobb police Sgt. Dana Pierce.” It is suspected, but not confirmed, that both a high rate of speed and alcohol may have contributed to this very sad crash and loss of life.

Bikers know that speed is fun, but it needs to be within the posted limits for any road or condition. Bikers also know that alcohol and riding are not a good mix and in fact can cause the loss of their own lives and the lives of others, both passengers and others on the roads.

Over the holidays, please do not drink and ride. Here are some things that all bikers should keep in mind.

It is possible to be too impaired to ride, even when a person doesn’t look or seem, or even feel drunk. Please watch out for your fellow riders. If you notice that someone has been drinking too much, don’t let them get on their beloved bike and ride. One way to do this is to get others involved. Judgment is impaired after a couple of rounds and it is very difficult for riders to know when they might not be able to drive safely.

Some people think that even though they know that too much alcohol consumption and riding don’t mix, they think that alcohol won’t affect their ability to ride well. As noted by the experts, “[w]hile you may not be legally impaired after drinking, alcohol robs you of some of the critical skills and judgment you need to ride safely.”

Ride safely this holiday season and do not become a statistic that proves that riding and drinking don’t mix.