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Clayton County Fatal Motorcycle Crash

helmet-on-bicycle-10045610.jpgWe are reminded of the serious intersection dangers for motorcyclists as we learn that a corrections officer has lost his life in such a crash. The Clayton County officer was in the southbound lane when he was struck and killed by another vehicle. Although reports are unclear on the precise facts, it appears that there were two other vehicles involved. One that came out in front of the motorcycle and another that struck the officer in the southbound lane in which he was traveling. It could well be that the motorcyclist was hit when trying to avoid the first vehicle that pulled in front of him in the intersection.

Unfortunately, we cannot post enough about the dangers to bikers in situations involving intersections. The problem is so serious that one national insurance company has initiated an intersection safety campaign that includes posting warnings to drivers at intersections known to be dangerous. The effort is intended to remind motorists that checking an intersection just one time for other vehicles and motorcycles is not sufficient.

When entering an intersection, the risk of any type of crash in over 45% and that is not a number that is falling any time soon. This danger is not just from other vehicles making turns and failing to yield, but also failing to allow a motorcyclist’s right of way. Statistics reported from the Governor’s Highway Safety Association (GHSA) reveal in that motorcycle fatalities are up close to 10% in recent years. The data reveals that this is ahead of fatalities for other types of vehicles. It is thought that factors including high gas prices might be bringing for bikers out on the roads for commuting travel.

Georgia bikers and their safety is a major focus for our state’s driver education programs. We have seen a push here to ensure that motorcyclists are wearing helmets, taking motorcycle riding training classes sponsored by our Georgia Department of Driver Services and becoming aware of how to make themselves more visible to other vehicles. Our training and safety focus has been a key factor in Georgia’s dedication to safe riding.

In the event of a motorcycle crash, it is very important to consult with a legal expert who can help sort of whether the crash was the result of another driver’s negligence or worse. Please feel free to contact me personally at my law offices to discuss your legal rights and to get you started on the path to recovering if you have been injured to any extent.