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Over this past year, we have written about the many advances and stories of recovery after a brain injury. Here in Georgia, we know that March brings the promise of spring time and longer days. March is also brain injury awareness month, something that is very important to us as Atlanta brain injury lawyers. The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) is the organization that has worked on bringing awareness and education about brain injury. From 2018 through 2020, the BIAA is focusing the awareness campaign on helping all of us learn about traumatic brain injuries (TBI),  their impact on the lives of those who suffer from them and what can be done to help injured victims and their families. The campaign is targeted in three key areas:

  • De-stigmatizing brain injury
  • Empowering survivors of brain injury
  • Promoting support for those who have sustained brain injury

Fortunately, right here in Georgia we have an  affiliated organization to the BIAA, the Brain Injury Association of Georgia which is sponsored in part by Atlanta’s own Shepard Center. These organizations have helped those who are dealing with TBI, their caregivers and the public in countless ways. We urge our readers to visit these sites to learn more about TBI and what every one of us can do to raise awareness and to support research and rehabilitation efforts.

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