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Brain Injury Research Brings Hope and Promise


Welcome to Scholle Law’s Georgia brain injury blog. We launched this blog to provide medical and law-related information about brain injuries in adults and children. Our mission with this blog, as with our Atlanta Injury blog, is to inform our readers about new developments and treatments for brain injuries; help those injured in an accident caused by another person or entity to learn how and where they can get medical and legal guidance; and, provide information that is relevant and useful to all.

This is an area of particular concern for us as personal injury lawyers. Brain injuries often involve long term care for the victim. If a person who has suffered a brain injury does not get help early, this can result in a worsened long term horizon for the injured person. We hope to help our readers learn about these injuries, which range from mild to severe, so that the right help is sought early for the best outcomes.

In the past, we have touched on this area of the law and medicine. We have written about mild traumatic brain injuries that can be suffered after an auto accident or sports injury. These injuries can be overlooked since their symptoms might seem to be something else, like chronic headache or memory loss. But often these symptoms, which are not recognized as brain injury, are in fact just that. We have also written about the new research that is bringing hope to many who have suffered injuries and need continuing support. This is an exciting area, because research is moving quickly in this field. It is also very important because these injuries can be so significant and life-changing that research resulting in new treatment methods can make an enormous difference in the lives of so many.

The Scholle Law team wishes to thank our readers for supporting our efforts by informing yourselves about important areas of the law and legal developments. Please watch for our upcoming post on child care facility litigation related to infant and toddler brain injuries. We look forward to providing our readers with relevant and helpful information on brain injuries. This area of our law practice is particularly important to us and to the families we serve. We are gratified to be in a position to guide those dealing with brain injury of many kinds to healing and help.