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Big Kahuna: What They Said

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Moto 1 Techno.jpgI asked a few questions to Cameron Gray of M1 about his post race thoughts.

G2W– What was the attendance per day and total?

CTG– Regarding attendance numbers we do not publish those. All I can say is we exceeded our projections in both spectator sales and camping sales.

G2W– As a promoter how did you feel about how the racing, trophy presentation and fan experience went?

CTG– I felt the racing was great with the Saturday Superbike Race one of the best EVER! Trophy presentation was one of our best and the fan experience far exceeded our expectations.

G2W– Where you worried about the weather? How about that wind Sunday?

CTG– I was terrified about the weather. It is a concern and always will be at Road Atlanta. Sunday wind non issue for us.

G2W– Is there anything you would change for the Miami, NOLA and next year’s Road A event?

CTG– We will go bigger at Miami and New Orleans. Only having 2 and half months to prepare for Road Atlanta not enough time at all. Will be much better next year!

G2W– Did you get any feedback from the vendors?

CTG– All vendors were incredible happy coming back next year and many going to Miami and New Orleans.

I asked Jake Zemke and Benny Solis the same three questions to see where they are with their teams. Jake races the #98 DucShop Daytona SportBike 848EVO and Benny races the #35 Riders Discount Vesrah Suzuki SuperSport.

1- From Daytona to Road A what improved with you and the bike?

2- Explain how your weekend went?

3- What did you learn about the weekend, the team and the bike to take into Infineon?

#98 Jake Zemke:

1- From Daytona to Atl. we changed a fair amount on the bike. I would say that the biggest change was switching to a different set of Ohlins forl internals. This gave me better front feel and allowed me to push harder.

2- The weekend went well as we were able to make progress all weekend and improve in some of the areas that we were lacking.

3- Looking ahead to Infineon we will continue to look at improving the bike, I won’t be happy until we are on top of the box.

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#35 Benny Solis:

1- From Daytona, a lot has improved; not just on the bike but also the relationships between me and my crew. We were a little green at Daytona so we were still learning on how to work with each other and how to understand our info off the bike from each other. So at Atlanta we worked together better and on the bike, we improved on a better feel for the bike and motor. I felt much better at Atlanta and I even got the rear working better than ever before so that’s a big plus. We’re still learning from each other so I know as the year goes on we will be stronger every time.

2- Over all at the end of the weekend, we all realized that we didn’t do bad at all. Although I crashed out of 3rd in the first race and finished 9th in the second we were still happy with the info we got off the bike. We know we have the pace to run up front but we crashed out because of a mistake i made. And in race two, we struggled because of a small issue with a change we made on the bike. We know what we did wrong which is good because now we know what to avoid. Now we are working on being at the fast pace a little earlier in the weekend and being more consistent throughout the rest of the weekend.

3- We learned what changes work and which didn’t work on the bike with certain things we wanted to improve. So I have ALL my notes from every change and session and for Infineon I’m confident every change will be a positive one since we know what didnt work before. We’re hoping out first set up is strong right off the bat so we can be up front right away and then just work up from there to be at the top. It’s still my first season is DSB so it’s tough but we know what we can do with what we have and we’re sure we can podium and possibly win some races this year.

Pictures are courtesy of Graham Crosby

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