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Big Kahuna: Vendor Row Life

Georgia On Two Wheels did their very first “event” and we picked the Big Kahuna of them all to kick off our vendor experience.

Thursday 04/19/12: We loaded in at 6:00pm. Upon arrival we found Bob. Bob is M1’s point man on vendor row. We had to load in the G2W tent and Foremost’s tent. Since Larry Pegram (Superbike racer and team owner) was our contact for the Foremost tent he told us to look for “Texas Bob”. Much to our surprise “Texas Bob” and our Bob are the same Bob. Funny thing about “Texas Bob” is that he’s from Boston, owned a Texas steak house and lives in Colorado. Weird, huh? Vendor row was pretty slow on Thursday but the load in was uneventful and that’s a good thing.

Friday 04/20/12: We showed up late because “real” jobs had to take place. We set up the rest of our SWAG (free stuff) and watched the campers trickle in. When you are a vendor you can tell immediately if you will have a good weekend at a race track if the campers show early. They did. We found it amazing the number of tent campers at the track. When you have a weather forecast that is “iffy” at best tent campers are your best barometer of how the weekend will go. After the track went silent for the evening the promoter opened up the stage for emcee to get the fans going. They gave away all kinds of stuff, had an autograph session that many racers attended and the Cigar Store Indians played a bunch of rock-a-billy for the crowd.

Saturday 04/21/12: At 7:30am we were on the track getting ready for the day. The weather was overcast and the feeling of showers was in the air. Thankfully, that never happened. The fans were pouring into the track early and the racing wasn’t going to happen for hours. It was a good sign. By 10:00 am the Café Racer Village (vendor row) was pretty packed. We were giving out kickstand coasters and other swag at a pretty good clip. By noon we actually had to slow down the rate at which we were giving things away to make sure we could get to at least 2:00pm Sunday. The PA was pumping out the race play by play and it kept the fans engaged without having to watch every moment. M1 did bring out the “big screens” for the fans. At turn 6, 10 and vendor row people saw the tack action. The vendors were from all types of backgrounds. Bobcat was there with a little excavator and letting people pick up basketballs and place them in buckets. The Custom earplug guys were there and if you are a fan of Café Racer T.V. show they showed up with Dime City, Grease Monkey and Fuller Customs. Triumph had a pretty cool tent, as well. Jason Britton did his “freestyle” show and Ricky Gadson was there with the ZX14 dragbike and simulator. They had monster truck rides for fans, a chiropractor that gave $10 adjustments and after the racing the Cigar Store Indians played again.
Sunday 04/22/12: 8:00am we tied weights to the tent because the forecast was for 40mph gust. The morning started a little slow. The campers must have stayed up a little late on Saturday. About 10:00am is when the vendors started seeing signs of life. Fans were starting to flood in. The wind had yet to blow things away and our response to our free stuff was incredible. The rate of the give-a-ways was much better than I had anticipated. The EBR (Eric Buell Racing) tent and Café Racer T.V. tent were selling stuff like crazy. It was pretty cool so see all the vendors doing so well. In the end, all our SWAG was gone by 2:00pm just like we planned and we were able to go watch the Daytona SportBike race and the Superbike race.

In all, an incredible first outing for G2W from a vendor perspective. Stay tuned for a Jason Britton update, racing updates and little mini-interviews. I will post pics but will leave a link in one of my post of the photographer’s photobucket page. Next up: A word with Benny Solis: SuperSport racer


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