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How to Avoid Atlanta Bicycle Accidents


Accident Stats and Protections for Cyclists

We are proud to have the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) right here in Atlanta. The CDC helps Americans in many areas of health and safety. One of those is in the gathering of statistics, which in turn informs us of how we are doing with regard to health and safety. Atlantans might not realize just how much information is available to all of us at the CDC website. You can find helpful information about medical issues, illness protection and so much more. Recently, we reviewed some of the statistics on bicycle safety in America. As Atlanta bicycle enthusiasts, we were pleased to find important statistics regarding bicycle safety at the CDC. We want to share some of that with our “two wheel” readers who will especially benefit from this knowledge.

CDC statistics show that in recent years about 1,000 cyclists sustained fatal injuries. In addition, over 400,000 cyclists were injured. All of this amounted to lifetime health costs in the billions of dollars. Just when cyclists have the time to get out and ride more often, the statistics reveal that those in their 50’s are more likely to have a fatal injury on their bikes. And most of these tragic situations include male riders. More injuries are sustained by children and teens than in any other demographic. This does not mean that we should avoid riding, it means we need to make sure we have done all we can to protect our bodies when riding.

Use a Helmet

So how can we protect ourselves on our bicycles? Although Official Code of Georgia section 40-6-296 only requires those under the age of 16 years to wear a helmet while on a bicycle, there is no question that it is the best way to protect against catastrophic injury. The CDC recommends these steps. Helmets are key. Helmet use is the number one way to protect yourself from serious head or brain injury. The risk of riding without a helmet just does not add up. So for those Georgia riders who don’t wear a helmet while riding a bicycle because it is not required by law, think again.

One proven way to protect yourself from being hit by a vehicle while riding is to wear fluorescent gear. This can help others on the road see you at night. The type of lights that are termed “active” are the most effective for visibility for others to see you. These can be readily found and have become very sophisticated in recent years. Having a white light in front and red in the rear, like motor vehicles, is an excellent way to be seen on the road. Many accidents occur when others on the road do not see a cyclist. Making yourself more visible is not difficult, but could be life-saving.

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