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Atlanta Day Care and Child Traumatic Brain Injury


When we take our kids to day care, we put our trust in others to protect them from harm or injury. It is particularly devastating when an infant or toddler suffers a preventable injury while in the care of others. Infants and toddlers are vulnerable to traumatic brain injury (TBI). A TBI, which can range from mild to severe, can result from a fall or other impact to the child’s head. Across Georgia and in metro Atlanta we are aware of little ones who have suffered an injury at day care. In a Gwinnett infant concussion incident, an 11 month old was sitting in a high chair and fell to the ground, suffering a head injury. Although it was claimed by the facility that the baby had been properly restrained in the high chair, investigators were sent to determine how the baby ended up falling. The parents were devastated.

Licensed Georgia day care providers are required to meet certain requirements with regard to the ratio of infants, toddlers and children to day care workers. For example, the Georgia Department of Early Care and Education enforces Georgia’s rules and regulations for registered Support Centers and licensed child care programs. Day care providers are required to meet educational requirements and to continue year after year to take safety education. If a child is injured in day care parents can seek medical care and legal guidance to ensure that the licensing requirements were followed.

When an infant, toddler or child suffers a head or brain injury, the consequences can be very challenging. A pre-verbal child cannot describe a headache or dizziness, but can show signs of stress or discomfort. Seeking pediatric care and diagnostic tests after an Atlanta child brain injury can be an important step to ensure your baby receives proper care and observation. This type of injury in an infant or toddler is helped by early diagnosis and intervention however, after a head injury to a young child, it can take time before the consequences are fully known. There are some symptoms parents can look for if they believe their child has suffered a head or brain injury. These include more obvious signs such as a bump on the skull or forehead, abnormal breathing,  nausea, unconsciousness and / or eye pupil dilation. If you believe your infant or toddler has suffered a brain injury, take your little one to emergency or urgent care. Your baby can be better diagnosed for a TBI with the help of medical personnel and possible imaging.

The last thing a parent wants for his or her child is an injury in day care. As noted, infants and toddlers are vulnerable to traumatic brain injuries which can occur as a result of negligent care. Often a lawsuit is filed to ensure parents are able to care for their baby or infant and recover monetary damages to help the child with medical support that is needed.

Scholle Law specializes in traumatic brain injury in infants, children and adults. Our expertise is key in helping you and your family recover what you deserve after a TBI that is caused by the negligence or failure of another person or entity. Contact our law firm at any time for a free consultation regarding your injury or accident or that of a family member. Our compassionate and caring team of lawyers and legal professionals can help.