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Atlanta Cycling Makes the Top 50 List


Atlanta Cycling Makes the Big List

Atlanta cyclists will be pleased to know that our city has landed on a top 50 list for American cycling cities. The folks at compile a list on a biannual basis. They use data collected from riders and federal agencies, including the Census, consult with organizations in the know about walking and cycling and publish a top 50 cycling cities list. Although we know cities can always do better with safe riding to school and general cycling safety and security, Atlanta should be proud to make this list, because it is quite an accomplishment. Atlanta cycling is moving in a good direction. We can always improve our streets for the safety of cyclists which helps avoid accident and serious injury. But we see that Atlanta is moving in a positive direction for all those who love riding. Atlanta made the top 50 list due to a vital commitment to and focus on improvements for two-wheeled riders.

Georgia Cycling Laws and Investment Help

In 2011, Georgia’s legislature joined dozens of other states and enacted a three foot rule for drivers passing cyclists. That move was indicative of a larger move underway. Two years later, Atlanta’s Mayor Reed made a fairly ambitious statement and set out a lofty goal. He made a commitment to focus on improving Atlanta as a cycling city. Noting that cycling in Atlanta has become more and more prevalent, the Mayor sees the investment for future generations, as well as improving our daily lives. The increase in cycling and Atlanta’s standing as a lead city are the result of improved bike lanes and availability of bikes. From bike sharing using to appointing a Chief Bicycle Officer, Atlanta shines as a city that has put real effort into becoming a rideable city.

Despite some skeptics, the fact is our city is making all of this a reality with planning, hard work and our cycling community through the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition. Investment is a major measure of real commitment to biking. To that end, our $250 million transportation bond devoted over $30 million for bikeways and private philanthropy here also helped.

Several years ago, the Washington Post noted that the very first car accident in our country was in the late 1800’s when a car hit a bike. We know that bicycle safety cannot be accomplished without the help of those sharing the roads with cyclists. The enthusiasm for bicycling in Atlanta and around America, from open streets events to increasing use of cycling lanes and bike shares, reveals a real desire of Atlantans to get out and ride. It is so important for other vehicles to share the road with those traveling on two wheels.

Drivers Remember to Share the Road with Cyclists

Several reminders about how to Share the Road are in order for drivers. Give cyclists room on the right, so avoid crowding riders and give them space when you can. The bike lane is not a parking lane. When vehicles stop or park in bike lanes, they force riders into traffic. With quieter cars these days, particularly electric cars, bicyclists might not hear your vehicle. Assume they cannot hear your vehicle and adjust your driving and turning accordingly.

We wish safe riding to all Atlantans. But in the event that you or a loved one are injured in a bicycle accident you have Scholle Law to turn to for guidance. We will talk with you about your case free of charge and in most cases we do not get paid until you do. Please feel free to contact us at any time. We are dedicated to helping those around the metro Atlanta area and beyond when they have sustained harm or injury.