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Arrests in Morningside Cyclist Hit and Run

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for 1214589454Q2B5aO.jpgLast month, we posted about a Morningside hit and run involving a person driving a vehicle and a cyclist, which apparently was the result a previous interaction between the two. The vehicle’s driver has now been arrested. The accident … which authorities allege was an intentional collision … seriously injured a cyclist who was hospitalized for an extended time and is now recovering from brain trauma at another location under medical care. The suspect in the hit and run was taken into custody and is charged with several serious charges, including attempted murder and serious injury by vehicle found in Official Code of Georgia sections 16-4-1, 16-4-1(a) and 40-6-394. The cyclist and the vehicle’s driver had an interchange only minutes prior to the hit and run. Although he tried to extricate himself from the verbal altercation, the cyclist was tracked down and according to police intentionally struck by the driver. In addition, another person (apparently the driver’s girlfriend) has been arrested for evidence tampering. This too is a serious crime in Georgia set out in Official Code of Georgia section 16-10-94 which prohibits interfering with evidence or with the apprehension or prosecution of persons involved in potentially criminal activities.

The hit and run appears to have been solved through the offering of a reward and the type of investigative work we have discussed previously in hit and run accidents. In this situation, the authorities were able to locate evidence that matched up to the arrested suspect’s vehicle. In addition, the reports on the arrests reveal that investigators also had some video recorded evidence that shows the suspect’s girlfriend who has also been arrested, with doing something with the evidence in their possession. The investigation was also greatly guided and supported with the use of video from the scene. Cameras captured an unusual sequence of events that unfolded on a quiet evening in Morningside.

Over time, we have seen an increase in incidents in road rage, something that didn’t even have a name in past decades. We have also seen an increase across the country in hit and run accidents. The Atlanta metro area is not immune to this increase. In the investigative stages of these hit and run accidents, whether they involve pedestrians, cyclists or those in vehicles, often suspects are eventually located and often the vehicles involved are as well. Whether these crimes are solved using witnesses, or body shops that notice damage consistent with a hit and run or otherwise, hit and run investigations often lead to arrest and prosecution. With so many cameras surrounding both urban and suburban locations these days, those who might commit a crime of this nature and believe that no one watching, often learn as has occurred in this case, that video evidence has been captured.

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