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American Motorcycle Association Says EPA Could Scrap E15 Fuel Minimum

Thumbnail image for Motorcycle riders in the sunset.jpgHere’s some news for all riders. The American Motorcycle Association reported earlier this week that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) plans to drop the requirement that consumers purchase a minimum of four gallons of gas when dispensing the new E15 ethanol-gasoline blend. As an Atlanta motorcycle injury lawyer, I am please that the AMA’s effort could protect bikes from damage or lack of fuel efficiency.

The AMA had voiced its opinion to the EPA that the E 15 blend could be placed into motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle inadvertently. The blend contains up to 15 percent ethanol by volume which if placed into these vehicles using a blender pump (the same hose from which consumers would purchase the E 15 blend) could be problematic for bikes and ATV’s. Most motorcycles and ATVs are simply not designed to use E15 fuel.

The EPA’s original position was to require a minimum purchase that would effectively dilute residual E15 fuel in the hose pump, so that it would not impact motorcycles or ATV’s. However, after continuing concerns voiced by the AMA, the EPA has indicated instead of imposing the minimum purchase requirement, it will now “likely require a label on blender pumps that dispense E10 and E15 through the same hose that state the pump is solely for passenger cars and trucks.” And, the EPA says it will also require service stations selling E15 to have a pump that is solely for the E10 blend for use by motorcycles and other vehicles.

The possibility that AMA members and the riding public in general could inadvertently use the wrong gas has been a concern for a while now. As noted by the AMA, due to the size of a bike’s tank, any residual fuel that should not be used could “be detrimental to the performance of motorcycle or ATV engines due to the small size of their fuel tanks and the higher concentration of ethanol that would, therefore, be present in the fuel,” This is serious business as the use of the wrong fuel can not only cause lower fuel efficiency, it could also “possibly cause premature engine failure. Use of E15 fuel voids many manufacturer warranties. In off-road engines, the effects can even be dangerous for users.”

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