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Acclaimed Buford High Alum Loses His Life After Gwinnett Motorcycle Crash

candles .jpgLate last month, a former football player and star of his alma mater team at Buford High School was in a very serious motorcycle accident on Georgia 20 in Gwinnett County. He sustained serious injuries and has been fighting for his life since the accident. As a Gwinnett motorcycle accident lawyer, I share the sorrow of the entire community as we mourn the loss of this young man who passed away today.
Mr. Devin Durden who was only 21 years of age, has played football for the Air Force Academy. As reported by the Atlanta-Journal Constitution he had undergone surgeries at the Gwinnett Medical Center after severing his spine and sustaining other injuries in the crash. During his struggle, reports state that he was on a respirator, was taken off it but then contracted pneumonia and was put back on the respirator.

The accident is one that sadly, we have seen many times when bikes collide with vehicles. In the tragic accident, Mr. Durden was traveling on Georgia 20 when an SUV apparently pulled out in front of his bike close to Gravel Springs Road. He was thrown off his bike and sustained the injuries that ultimately ended his life.

A family friend broke the news of this young man’s passing. All hearts are broken who knew him and those of us who did not are filled with sadness. According to the family spokesperson, he had such severe and complex injuries, he was not able to survive them. The family is known for their dedication to youth and sports as his father is the head girls basketball coach at Buford High.

Please join with me in prayers for his family as they grieve this tragic loss. There is no greater pain than the loss of a child. This young man was a fine person from a fine family. I have worked with many families in situations like this and as a motorcycle injury lawyer, I take on the tasks that are difficult for them to bear when the loss is so profound.

But it is never easy to mend the broken hearts of parents dealing with such a loss and we share the pain of this loss with this family and all others who are dealing with the illness or injury of a child or young person.

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