Early Diagnosis of TBI

One of the great developments in the area of traumatic brain injury (TBI) research is the way that these injuries affect victims over time. Much more is known now about the short term impacts of concussion and other injuries to the brain. Some recent research is focusing in on the long term changes that occur that can lead to neurodegenerative disease. This is very important for those who have sustained a TBI or MTBI in a car or truck accident. Motor vehicle accidents are the most common cause of TBI. There are nearly three million patients each year that visit the emergency room for these injuries. The vast majority of these patients will have a mild traumatic brain injury, such as a concussion. But some of these patients will have a more serious injury or TBI. At Scholle Law we want to inform our clients and readers about the importance of getting medical support after a concussion.

One of the most promising advances currently being researched is in the diagnosis of concussion. Screening for this condition will be possible to confirm through blood analysis. An injury in the brain can be found by looking at markers in the blood. This is because the brain makes specific biomarkers that would indicate concussion. The scientists working in this area have determined that some head injuries that are seen on a CT scan can also be revealed through biomarkers. The goal is to find a more sensitive biomarker for concussion, making it possible for doctors to know what region of the brain is involved and where the injury is located.

One of the most interesting ways these tests are developed is by taking blood samples from those who have had brain injuries of various kinds. Researchers analyze these blood samples for what are called IncRNA’s to correlate the blood markers with the type of injury that patient sustained.

The ultimate goal is to have a blood test that would make it possible to diagnose a concussion so quickly that it could be done on a playing field as an example.

Car Accidents and TBI 

Once a person has had a concussion, it is very important that the patient heals before another concussion occurs. Those who have been injured in a car accident for example, and have symptoms such as memory issues, headaches or dizziness, should seek help. Researchers know that multiple concussions can also multiply the damage to the brain. There are some rehabilitation advances that can help patients recover from concussion. These include specifically designed brain video games that can help the brain recover.

Following Patients with TBI and Reversing Cognitive Damage

The latest research at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) is revealing a concern about how patients are treated after an accident or injury causing a concussion or mild traumatic brain injury. This research indicates that most ER visits are not followed up with additional evaluation or rehabilitation. This is of great concern to researchers who say the failure to follow up with patients may be leading to longer term injuries that could be helped with medical support.

The most advanced research in brain science is revealing something unknown before. A specific molecule called Integrated Stress Response InhiBitor has been shown in research to reverse cognitive damage after a concussion. This treatment may work even after a patient suffered the injury years before. The hope is that the human brain that has been injured can be helped by this molecule to reset the responses of the brain. It appears to reverse the brain’s automatic stress response which can become chronic in the injured brain and makes it difficult for the brain to function as it did before. The molecule may help to restore normal brain function by blocking the stress response.

Scholle Law is committed to keeping our readers apprised of advances in brain injury research and recovery. We help those who have sustained a TBI or MTBI in accidents of all kinds. The medical research and treatments are key to restoring injured victims to as normal a life as possible. We appreciate the opportunity to bring this information to our readers. Please feel free to contact our law firm with any questions about your accident or injury.